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at the Ambassadors Theatre

Covent Garden, London
Ambassadors Theatre, Covent Garden, London
Performances Dance
Wheelchair Access Yes
Address of Ambassadors Theatre
Ambassadors Theatre
West Street
Covent Garden, London
United Kingdom
Public transport to get to Ambassadors Theatre
Tube: Leicester Square
Rail: Charing Cross
London Map for Ambassadors Theatre

Music, Dance, Theatre, Choreography or Performance Art? Or all of the above! Or is it none of the above. Well, both are sort of right... In a way. Confused? Read on...

STOMP is a movement, of bodies, objects, sounds - even abstract ideas. But what makes it so appealing is that the cast uses everyday objects, but in non-traditional ways.

There's no speech, no dialogue, not even a plot.

So why go see STOMP? Well, have you ever composed a symphony using only matchbooks as instruments? Or created a dance routine based around sweeping? You may have done this a little, but get a group of rhythmically gifted, extremely coordinated bodies with definitive personalities, and you have the makings for STOMP.

The international hit performance-dance rhythm return to London for a long overdue West End residency.

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London Experience: Ambassadors Theatre in London

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