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Globe Theatre Plays & Tours
at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Bankside, London
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Bankside, London
Performances Drama
Sightseeing Historic Theatre
Opening Times
Theatre Tour & Exhibition:
April-September: 09:00-17:00
October-March: 10:00-17:00
Address of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
21 New Globe Walk
Bankside, London
United Kingdom
Public transport to get to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Tube: London Bridge/Southwark/Bank
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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London offers a theatre tour and exhibition all year round, plus in the summer it runs a regular programme of plays. All of which can be booked here in advance.

As the magnificent Globe Theatre is a recreation of the original theatre where Shakespeare would perform in his day, the summer plays keep as much to the original medieval atmosphere as possible; with of course a welcome nod to 21st century health and safety laws.

Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition is the world's largest devoted to Shakespeare, and the London in which he lived and worked. Housed beneath the reconstructed Globe Theatre, the exhibition explores the remarkable story of the Globe, and brings Shakespeare's world to life using a range of interactive displays and live demonstrations.

Visit the exciting and often dangerous world of Elizabethan London where in 1599, Bankside was the entertainment centre of the capital packed with gambling dens, brothels, bear-baiting pits and theatres. Ordinary people flocked to see Shakespeare's plays and they laughed, cried, shouted abuse at the actors, ate and drank during the performances.

As a visitor to the Exhibition you'll discover how shows were produced in the theatres of Shakespeare's time, from writing and rehearsals to music, dance and performance. Learn about the traditional crafts and techniques used during the process of rebuilding the Globe and find out how special effects were produced in Shakespeare's time - from thunder and lightning to flying on stage and realistic blood and gore.

Listen to recordings from some of the most Shakespearean performances ever or join the cast and add your own voice to a scene recorded by Globe actors. Create your own Shakespearean phrases in the word jungle, watch a sword-fighting display and browse the costume collection, where you can find out about the extraordinary methods used in creating clothes 400 years ago.

A visit to the Exhibition includes a guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre where storytellers take you on a fascinating half-hour tour of the auditorium. Journey through time to Elizabethan London with their colourful tales of the 1599 theatre experience as well as the reconstruction process of the 1990s and how the wooden 'o' works today as an imaginative and experimental theatrical space.

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London Experience: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

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